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 MiniB2B Help Centre

How do I shop at

Step 1: Shop
Search or browse for products you are interested in. Place your desired products into your shopping cart.

Step 2: Log In/Register
Register as a New User or just Sign In (if you have already created an account on our site).

Step 3: Checkout
In your shopping cart, click “Yes, I prefer to buy through an importer.” if you want to import with the help of an import agent. He will contact you and inform you on the further procedure. If you want to manage the import yourself, please click Check out to proceed to checkout.
The first checkout page is "Shipping" which enables you to change your shipping address and choose between different delivery options.
The second checkout page is "Payment". Here you can change your billing address if necessary, and subsequently choose your favourite way of payment.
The final checkout page is "Confirm Order" - Your order will not be submitted until you have clicked "Confirm Order" on this page.

Step 4: Payment

You have to pay the full amount of your order. Payment can be submitted in any currency of your choice.

Step 5: Your Order Received!

Clear customs and pay the relevant custom duties, then receive the items you ordered.