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Warranty Terms

All our products are covered by a 24 month warranty for return and repair/replacement.

Damaged goods are to be reported in writing by the user within one week after receiving the goods. The respite begins after receipt of this instruction in writing (i.e. as letter, fax or email), but not before the merchandise has been received. By not packageable goods (such as bulky goods), you can also declare the return in writing. You carry the costs of the return, if the delivered goods conform to what has been ordered. You must return the goods or send your demand of return to: MiniB2B Ltd., B 2nd F., No. 210 Tairan Ind. District, Che Gong Miao, Shenzhen, China or by fax or email. The delivery note must be attached. If the user omits this, his warranty claims will be denied.

In case of an effective countermand, performances on both sides are to be returned and possible profits (such as interests) are to be repaid. If you are not able to return the received merchandise or service, or only partly or in worse condition, you must render a possible value replacement. By handing over of merchandise this will not come into effect, if the worse condition solely resolves from the testing - as would occur in a store - of the goods. You can avoid a possible value replacement, if you refrain from using the goods as your own property, assuring the value of the goods. Obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. Your respite begins with the posting of your countermand or the shipment of your goods, our respite begins with the receipt of the returned goods.

For duly raised and justified warranty claims, MiniB2B Ltd. will either offer a reduction in price, a replacement or, if possible, repair of the goods, or cancellation of the order. Should MiniB2B choose to replace or repair the goods, and should this fail, then the user is obligated to set an appropriate respite. If this respite is not kept, the user can demand a reduction or cancellation of the order, thereby losing further warranties. The length of the respite is not allowed to be shorter than the usual delivery time of the order.

No responsibility is taken for damage by the following reasons: Inappropriate or unsuitable use, incorrect assembly and/or start-up by the user or a third party, natural wear, incorrect or careless treatment, disregarding of the operating instructions, unsuitable means of operation, exchanged materials, faulty construction work, unsuitable building ground, chemical, electronic or electrical influences, as long as MiniB2B is not to blame for any of this.