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Barcelona Chairs

Price:  236.97 EUR

Lead Time:  15 days
Item Location: China

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  • Barcelona Chairs
    0.5 m³
    1 PCS
    10 PCS


Barcelona Chairs,Loveseats

1.Reproduction of the top famous classics design.
2.Solid polished stainless steel 3cm wide flat steel frame ,frame thickness 10mm or 12mm for chioce.
3.Coverings made of individually stitched and piped square top italian leather pieces.
4.Covering on back of seat cushion made of full italian leather.
5.Coverings on bottom of seat and ottoman cushions made of full leather at 4 edges and fabric in the middle in the bottom cushion.
6.The color of cloth as leather, Available color:red/white/black,other colors will require quantity.
7.Cushions upholstered by short double-layer leather belts with buttons attached to the frame.
8.Cushions filled with high density foam,
9.Frame connected with 4cm wide cowhide saddle leather.9 pieces for the seater cushion,8 pieces for chair.7 pieces for the ottoman.